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  • Meagan Ford

"Quote-To-Cash" Pricing Podcast With Michael Dunne of Apttus

In this #PricingPodcast episode, we learn fundamental strategies to improve "Quote-To-Cash" pricing with Michael Dunne, of Apttus! Dunne's strategic focus includes the automation of quote-to-cash processes, ways to innovate business practices through pricing analytics, intelligence, and guidance for innovative business practices. Listen to the interview and take-away tips to improve quote-to-cash pricing that can improve your business! Click to listen to the #PricingPodcast

About Michael Dunne: Michael Dunne is director of product marketing at Apttus, responsible for the company’s CPQ and digital commerce solutions. Dunne has appeared as a featured speaker during our Annual Pricing Conferences and Workshops hosting full sessions on CPQ/Sales Operations Tracks, namely "Pricing Excellence Through Quote-To-Cash". For sixteen years he was an analyst and Vice President at Gartner, the leading information technology research firm. While at Gartner he covered price optimization, CPQ, CRM, sales effectiveness and sales performance management technologies. He also worked as senior vice president at Creative Executions, a marketing and sales consulting firm. Thank you to Michael Dunne for lending expertise in another edition of our #PricingPodcast series! Learn from more leading industry experts and take advantage of our educational Workshops during the 28th Annual Spring Pricing Workshops and Conference in Miami, FL! Registration is OPEN!

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