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Certified pricing Professional

what is the cpp?

The Certified Pricing Professional (CPP) designation is the standard for advanced knowledge and expertise in the field of Pricing. As the only globally recognized pricing designation, the CPP establishes you as a true pricing professional. Since 2003, over 4,000 individuals have taken courses in pricing through Professional Pricing Society. 

academic advisement

The CPP curriculum covers core competency areas of price setting, psychological influences to price acceptance, price-variance and discount management, pricing strategy and tactics, and organizational pricing-function development and improvement. To obtain you CPP designation you must earn 6 credits, which be completed through online courses or in-person workshops at our worldwide conferences. After completion of the 6 credits, you then need to pass the CPP Exam.  


No prerequisites are necessary to enroll in the CPP program. The most cost effective way to complete your certification is to become a member of PPS. This will drastically reduce your costs while you obtain your designation.

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Meet Dave, he's a Pricing Analyst. His course selections would look similar to this:


1. Core Pricing Skills 
2. How to Price

3. Best Practices in Pricing Analytics 

4. Unit, Versioned, and Bundled Pricing 

5. Value Based Pricing and Value Modeling 

6. Psychological Aspects of Pricing


Meet Jessica, she's a Pricing Manager. Her course selections would resemble this:

1. Core Pricing Skills

2. How to Price

3. Successfully Managing Pricing

4. Best Practices for Pricing Execution

5. Influencing Customer Price Acceptance

6. Pricing and Corporate Strategy


Meet Taylor, she's a Pricing Executive. Her course selections would be similar to the following:


1. Core Pricing Skills

2. Successfully Managing Pricing

3. Pricing and Corporate Strategy

4. Organizing Pricing for Success

5. Quantifying and Documenting Value in Business Markets

6. Change Management in Pricing

Recommended Courses


Core Pricing Skills (Stephan Butscher & Mark Billige)

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Machine Learning & Quantitative Methods
(Tim Smith)

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Quantitative Methods that Help to Optimise Your Pricing
(Stephan Butscher)


Best Practices in Pricing Analytics
(Reuben Swartz)

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Interested in team bundles?
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* Single CPP bundle includes 6 courses and the exam materials

* Need a custom team package? Email michael@pricingsociety.com for more information

Choose Your Path

Decide if you will earn your 6 classes online, in-person workshops or a hybrid.



Contact Dr. Michael Tatonetti for academic advising on your course selection.



Contact us to register, make payment, and gain your login information.

Pass Six Classes

Complete your six courses and pass each course quiz.

Pass CPP Exam

Complete 11 online study sessions and sit for your 4 hour CPP Exam online.


YOU'RE ALL DONE! Time to update your LinkedIn profile and resume!

Frequently asked questions

Is the CPP designation right for me?

Our CPP designation has been designed for those in the pricing function who want to establish themselves as the cross-industry professional they are. Our variety of classes make this program suited for individuals at any stage in their pricing career.

Do you offer course advisement?

For assistance with choosing your courses, our Education team is happy to assist. Please contact Dr. Michael Tatonetti, Director of Certification & Education, for assistance at michael@pricingsociety.com.

How long does it take to complete each class? The program? The exam?

Each class may be completed in a self-paced manner. Courses range from 2.5-4.5 hours in length and can be paused and resumed at your leisure. The program is also self-paced, but many complete the entire program in 6-12 months. The final CPP exam must be completed in one sitting and is timed at 4 hours.

Are there Continuing Education or Re-certification requirements?

Those who begin their CPP program on or after October 1, 2016 will be required to earn 2 credits every 2 years after they complete their certification program to maintain certification. Those who began by September 30, 2016 will not be required to earn continuing education credits, but are highly encouraged to earn 2 credits every 2 years after completing certification as this keeps you informed of current trends in Pricing. The two credits may be earned by taking 2 online courses, attending 2 workshop days at any of our conferences, or a combination of 1 workshop day and 1 online course.

How much will it cost to earn the CPP designation?

We offer a variety of options in pricing your CPP designation. Courses and the exam may be paid for a la carte, as a single bundle, or as a bundle for a team. We do recommend first purchasing a PPS membership as this provides discount pricing on a la carte purchases and bundles. With membership, our individual online bundle inclusive of 6 courses and the study sessions with exam is $3,795.

What if I fail my course/CPP exam?

Online courses come with 3 attempts at the course quiz and the CPP exam comes with 2 attempts. If you do not successfully pass within the allotted attempts, you will need to purchase access again to the course or exam. Online courses are $495 for members or $695 for non-members and the CPP exam is $1,295.