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About PPS

The PPS mission is to nurture a growing community of pricing professionals committed to disseminating pricing expertise throughout the business world. We do this by providing a multi-platform forum through which exceptionally talented and creative experts can exchange cutting edge pricing strategies, tactics and technology.


More than 50 years ago, way before pricing was cool, a single pricing practitioner began our journey founding a global revenue management organization centered on our mission-critical, yet under-trained, underappreciated, and underdeveloped, part of the business world.

Then and Now

In 1983, The Professional Pricing Society started when Eric Mitchell reached out to other pricing experts – his community, but also his then competitors – to create a newsletter for, by, and about pricing professionals. The Pricing Advisor was originally published in Phoenix, Arizona, and although now it comes from Atlanta, Georgia, it has been an uninterrupted source of great information since the early 1980s.


Since, PPS has continued to provide valued resources for our community: 


  • Our first American Conference was in 1990, and we offered Online Pricing Training in 2002.

  • We developed the Certified Pricing Professional (CPP) to meet the needs for advanced training in 2003. 

  • We began European Conferences in 2005, Asia/Pacific Conferences in 2013, and Latin American Conferences in 2014.


During the COVID pandemic, we stayed connected with our community through Global Virtual Conferences and expanded our Online Pricing Training to address turbulence, uncertainty, and new technologies. Now, we have a mobile app, podcast, and robust LinkedIn community, which you can access training, networking, and perform pricing analysis – all in the palm of your hand.


From our beginning, community – your community, our community – has been central to all that we do.  We are honored to be The Home of Pricing, and we warmly welcome you to join us.


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