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  • Meagan Ford

Pricing Podcast: The Industry's Leading Audio Interviews

The Professional Pricing Society is proud to announce that our Pricing Podcast series is now available on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Google Play!

We're excited to deliver fresh audio content and invite you to subscribe to our #PricingPodcast! Listen to episodes on-the-go from any mobile device or laptop, to interviews with pricing industry leaders about their career successes, case studies, and strategic lessons.

CLICK HERE to listen on iTunes

CLICK HERE to listen on Google Play

CLICK HERE to listen on SoundCloud

Rate the sessions, leave a review and share with your pricing peers!We want your feedback to deliver the most valuable content!

  • Are you new to pricing and want to know the industry basics?

  • Have you stopped along your CPP journey and want to find other pricing professionals?

  • Do you know of an expert or brand that would make a great interview?

Share your thoughts and feedback below or send us an email:

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