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Updated: Oct 25, 2023

"90% of the reason I’m successful in my job is because PPS conference experiences, the education, and this networking group. The rest is just executing."

Nicole Sepulveda, CPP Pricing Manager at Rogers Corp

Attending PPS conferences is not only a chance to leave the office for a few days, but also to gain new knowledge that can change your career perspective and grow your skills. The recent Fall Pricing Workshops and Conference focused on the latest trends, strategies, and best practices for pricing professionals in a variety of industries across the country. The conference provided many popular networking and connecting opportunities with like-minded professionals and created space to analyze and respond to the changing climate of the pricing environment.

Check Out The PPS ATL Conference Photo Gallery Here!

Keynote Sessions

When planning an event, selecting the right speakers is critical for its success. Keynote speakers, specifically, set the tone for the event by providing a thought-provoking and engaging perspective on the topic at hand. Ensuring that the audience is captivated and attentive is no cake walk, but instead requires a great deal of preparation, careful consideration of talking points, and often a great deal of experience to lend to the speaker’s credibility. This fall conference speaker line-up not only presented riveting topics like “Top 10 Learning From 20 Years of Pricing” and “Inside the Minds of Generative AI”, but also consisted of heavy hitters such as:

- Sonya Roberts, President, Cargill

- Joanne Smith, President, Price to Profits Consulting

- Jean Manuel – Izaret, Sr. Partner, Boston Consulting Group

- Jeet Mukherjee, VP Head of Pricing, Holden Advisors

The sessions also left viewers with some food for thought with some of the more popular quotes being:

- "Things left uncontrolled will deteriorate over time." - Joanne Smith

- "Never let a good crisis go to waste. It will trigger rethinking."

– Florian Bauer

- "A 3% price increase across the board doesn’t work." - Fred Puech

Workshop & Breakout Sessions

Workshops and breakout sessions are an incredibly effective way to engage participants and facilitate meaningful conversations. Some of the more popular sessions amongst attendees were Florian Bauer’s “Success Factors of Discount Management”, Frederico Zornig’s “A Complete Pricing Journey”, and Vinicius Silvestrin’s “Demystifying AI: Understanding Machine Learning& It’s Practical Applications”. By striking the right balance between engaging content and personalized interactions, facilitators were able to create highly anticipated and well-attended sessions that were both enjoyable and impactful.

In Conclusion

Attending a professional pricing conference can be a great way to build your network and create lasting connections with other pricers. With learning and networking opportunities available in an encouraging environment, you won’t find a better event for pricers looking to further their career goals. Learn more about our next conference by visiting , where there's plenty of useful resources for networking and getting the most out of your experience.

We invite you to join us in 2024 and continue revenue management conversations around topics that matter most!

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