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  • Meagan Ford

Negotiating With Backbone - A #PricingChat Recap

We had a Twitter conversation with Reed Holden and Alison Yama of Holden Advisors all about Pricing Negotiation. Dr. Reed Holden has released a new book, Negotiating With Backbone: Eight Sales Strategies To Defend Your Price And Value, Second Edition and we're excited to support.

"High pressure procurement tactics for lower prices for customers is one of the biggest causes of lost profits in business today. Sales teams that can counter these tactics and close deals at the right price are the single biggest opportunity for improved revenue profit. The Second Edition has more of what our clients' sales teams ask for: uncovering and communicating value, unleashing the power or Give-Gets, and negotiating with a customer you can't afford to loose. " - Dr. Reed Holden

We chatted a bit about several points surrounding this important topic for pricing professionals. View the #PricingChat Recap:

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