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Mastering Service-Parts Pricing With Jason Philip of Syncron

Goodbye Spreadsheets, Hello Profit Margins: Mastering Service-Parts Pricing

Listen as Jason Philip, Syncron’s Head of Expert Services shares how companies can master service-parts pricing to boost revenue in this #PricingPodcast

Leading manufacturers from around the globe are now optimizing their service parts pricing to deliver dramatic improvements to the top and bottom lines. Jason Philip of Syncron details how the right price, for the right part, in the right market, can drive service parts revenues up by 5 percent, while driving gross profits by 7 percent!

In this #PricingPodcast, listeners will learn:

  • Why service parts pricing is becoming the new profit lever

  • How leading companies are using service parts optimization to improve company performance

  • The quantitative and qualitative benefits of service parts price optimization

Listen to the #PricingPodcast:

About Jason: Jason Philip is responsible for implementing Syncron’s pricing solutions for the company’s customer base, working in global and complex environments. He has implemented solutions around the world, including North America, Japan, Jordan and Europe. Prior to joining Syncron, Jason was a product manager and designer for PTC (previously Servigistics). He received his Master’s Degree inIndustrial Engineering from Georgia Tech in 2010.

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