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  • Meagan Ford

SEPT. WEBINAR: Pricing Strategy Execution With ZILLIANT

When: September 24th @ 12:00PM - 1:00PM EDT

Webinar Details: Selling more for more is a goal upon which both sales and pricing professionals can agree. For pricing and sales strategies to be successfully executed in the field, sales reps need the answers to three questions: which customers to call, which products to pitch, and what prices to quote. In other words, an “action plan” for every customer. Only prescriptive selling and pricing guidance can give sales reps the answers.

Please join Zilliant’s Chief Marketing Officer Eric Hills as he explains the challenges inherent in executing pricing and sales strategies in the field, how to move from descriptive analytics to prescriptive analytics, and how to give sales reps the action plan they need to sell more for more.

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