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Announcing: Miguel Serrano Kieckebusch New PPS Board Member

The Professional Pricing Society is proud to announce that Miguel Serrano Kieckebusch, Corporate Senior Director of Global Pricing Strategy, Contracting and Tendering at Medtronic, the world’s largest stand-alone medical technology company, has been appointed to its Board of Advisors. Serrano is responsible for Medtronic’s pricing strategy and revenue management across the globe. This includes chairing the strategy, contracting, tendering and operations sub-functions across the company. He brings more than 15 years of global experience in pricing leadership, commercial operations and business strategy to the PPS board. Serrano is a thought-leader on the topic of value-based pricing as a strategic lever to profitable growth and his work at Medtronic is centered on driving healthcare’s sustainability through its transformation to patient-centric systems. His experience covers a diverse range of business areas, including finance, Quality-Lean Sigma, pricing strategy, sales operations and business operations. He has developed his functional expertise across various verticals including healthcare, manufacturing, energy, automotive and fast-moving consumer goods.

“I’m thrilled and excited to join the PPS Board and counsel an organization with which Medtronic has enjoyed a great, long-standing relationship. Medtronic and PPS share a common vision of developing talent and functional expertise on pricing strategy and revenue management, positioning the functional space as a valued business partner in the center of the organization, and driving profitable growth at the crossroad of business strategy and finance. More than 40 Medtronic employees are active PPS Members and over 20 have earned the Certified Pricing Professional designation. PPS is forward-looking and respected organization for pricing and revenue management. Its mission reflects on training and networking to inspire individuals to fulfill their professional dreams while helping companies to enhance functional excellence. PPS works to ensure that the overall profession gains respect and credibility in the marketplace” -Miguel Serrano Kieckebusch

“The Professional Pricing Society Board of Advisors includes the industry’s preeminent experts in global pricing disciplines and management,” said PPS President Kevin Mitchell. “Miguel, as a global leader in healthcare, has been along the way a consistent contributor, speaker, and a wonderful resource. His experience and strategic perspectives provide us additional visionary capabilities, and we look forward to his leadership as a member of the Board”. We're excited to welcome Miguel and will announce his appointment again during the Fall Pricing Workshops and Conference in San Diego, CA.

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