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  • Meagan Ford

The Northeast Manufacturers Pricing Workshop - Jan 2016

This premiere forum for North East Ohio Configured Manufactures covers everything industry leaders need to know about the pricing landscape for 2016. Packed with unique strategies to maximize profits, learn more to get ahead of the competition!

Workshop Topics:

  • Custom and Configured Pricing Strategies (CPQ)

  • CPQ Technology

  • Raw Materials

  • Currency Fluctuations

  • Contracts

Friends of PPS and trusted pricing industry experts, Adrienne and Lydia have over 38 years of combined experience between them.

Register TODAY to take advantage of complex business strategies!

Both Lydia and Adrienne will be featured speakers during our Spring Pricing Workshops and Conference in Chicago, IL, May 2016! We highly recommend taking advantage of these opportunities! To learn more about the Configured Manufacturers Workshop please visit or

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