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The PPS training platform was specifically designed to help you increase intelligence and maximize your potential in the workplace. With over 40 professionally crafted courses, PPS is equipped to cover all of your business training needs -- with courses ranging from Core Pricing Skills to Partnering With Sales.

Our online course bundles offer you the education you need, at the price you want, on a schedule that works for you. The bundles are a great way to sign you or your team up for one or several courses from the PPS Online Course Catalog.

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Stay Ahead Of The Curve
while pricing in a crisis

We understand that during this uncertain time, your business is looking for the best pricing strategy to maintain profits, serve your customer's more, and keep jobs afloat. To help, Professional Pricing Society is here as your guide. We are offering an unprecedented bundle offer so that you can get the pricing training you need, completely online, and available to you immediately. Not every company will leverage pricing during this time of crisis, but your organization can have a better outcome with the right pricing strategy.

Pricing in a crisis bundles

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pricing in a crisis

Do you need a crash course in pricing during turbulent times and avoiding being a commodity? This is the bundle for you. This bundle will equip you with the best practices learned from the 2009 recession so your company can withstand this global pandemic. 

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  1. Pricing During Turbulent Times

  2. Managing Pricing Effectively Through Market Volatility

  3. Avoiding the Commodity Trap

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