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Set Pricing To Beat Competition: A Pricing Podcast Featuring Alison Yama

Alison Yama, Senior Director with Holden Advisors, shares proven pricing strategies and case studies from wins against the competition.

Knowing your competitors is only half the battle in business. How do you compete when trying to price products? Price services? What are the winning businesses using to succeed? Pricing industry expert and Senior Director with Holden Advisors Alison Yama talked with PPS in this #PricingPodcast:

About Alison:

Alison is a Senior Director Product and Service Management. She has over two decades of marketing, sales, client, and relationship experience and currently creating thought-leading, innovative offerings to help Sales teams develop the backbone to defend value and price in the face of tough negotiations.

Prior to working with Holden Advisors, Alison was Principal of Consulting Services with Strategic Pricing Group where she lead consulting and educational services sales teams, large-scale project teams across multiple businesses, client relationship management, consultant development, and pricing content development.

The #PricingPodcast series provides a way to learn from the professionals that directly influence the pricing industry. Join us in-person this Spring during the 29th Annual Fall Pricing Workshops and Conference in Dallas, TX! Click the image for Registration Information!

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