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  • Meagan Ford

Membership Has Benefits

In today’s touch-and-go economy, it’s difficult to imagine anyone not investing in their professional future. Those that are treading water in their occupations are trying not to drown, and many people are scrambling to keep the jobs that used to pay exponentially more, only 5-10 years ago. The market is flooded with workers who will work cheaper and longer than you, and the reality is there aren’t as many jobs as there were before. Gone are the days that a college graduate starts and works for a company for 35 years, retires, and receives a gold watch; Forrester Research predicts the average person will now hold twelve to fifteen jobs in a lifetime! These concerns often raise questions and concerns about the future. For example, how can one increase value as an employee? Or, how can employees sell themselves as an asset to potential new employers? With a new graduates emerging into the marketplace each year, challenges will likely increase, forcing the business professional to find new ways to stand out. PPS membership is a way to distinguish amongst peers as a dynamic expert in your field! Take advantage of the opportunity to connect with other pricing professionals, take exclusive courses from pricing experts, and even receive a CPP Designation. There is also:

  • Access to Journals

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • Discount rates during Pricing Workshops and Conferences throughout the year

WATCH our Membership Manager Cherica Span share more information on Perisocpe:

We'd love for you to become a member!

Sign up your team to start the new year off with all-NEW professional development! For more information on starting a career in pricing, visit our MEMBERSHIP PAGE

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