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  • Meagan Ford

How Machine Learning Works In Pricing - Pricing Podcast

In this #PricingPodcast Alex Shartsis of PerfectPricing details how machine learning will impact the pricing industry and improve business.

The term "machine learning" is popular within the pricing industry at the moment, but what do pricing professionals need to know? How can this trend translate from a buzzword to improved business for various industries? In this new #PricingPodcast we talked with expert Alex Shartsis to learn:

  • What is machine learning?

  • How does it currently impact companies?

  • Will artificial intelligence soon replace pricing professionals?

  • Where can pricers turn for training?

  • ...and more!

Click to listen to the #PricingPodcast interview

About Alex Shartsis: Perfect Price was founded by former Drawbridge colleagues, Alex Shartsis and Youngin Shin. Youngin had spent years optimizing billions of ads and search results and was looking for a problem to solve that affected nearly everyone. Alex had led pricing efforts at TripIt, Drawbridge, and other early-stage companies and thought he could do better.Pricing is hard because unlike nearly everything else on the internet, there's no easy way to infer demand from the scattered and often limited information on customers. With a unique understanding of the business challenges and technical know-how, Alex and Youngin built the framework for a first-of-its-kind price optimization solution. The Internet and retail business leaders liked what they saw and became customers and investors even before the company had the chance to incorporate. When their first customer saw a 23% increase in revenue, they knew they were onto something. Visit to learn more information.

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