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Fine-Tune Pricing With Philip Huthwaite of

We talked with Philip Huthwaite of about ways companies can fine-tune their pricing! It's a New Year and we're back with fresh content to keep pricers and pricing businesses ahead of the competition. The #PricingPodcastseries delivers pricing strategies, pricing interviews with experts and more via an audio download. In this episode, Philip Huthwaite, CEO of Black Curve Software solutions. In this #PricingPodcastPhilip discusses:

  • How to avoid pricing errors

  • Common pricing strategies adopted by successful businesses

  • Price Optimization - 2017

  • How to execute "quick wins" to better target prices

  • Long-term strategies to fine-tuning pricing

  • What businesses should avoid Case Studies/ Company Examples of success

Listen to the NEW #PricingPodcastfeaturing Philip Huthwaite! Click the image below to listen to the audio...

About Black Curve: BlackCurve is a Price Management and Price Optimization Platform. Our cloud-based software empowers businesses to price smarter and in doing so increase their profitability. Learn more: We're excited to provide great pricing interviews and business strategies in our #PricingPodcast series! Check our website, subscribe to the Newsletter and follow @PricingSociety on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for the latest pricing updates and shares!

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