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  • Meagan Ford

Fall Pricing Workshops & Conference RECAP - Las Vegas

We had a WONDERFUL time in Las Vegas during the 27th Annual Fall Pricing Workshops and Conference #PPSLV16! Over 500 attendees enjoyed learning from industry leaders all over the world. We jam-packed four days with Pricing Workshops, Pricing Practitioners Tracks, Networking Receptions, Keynote Presentations, Sponsor Hall exhibits and giveaways, and so much more fun that only the great city of Las Vegas could deliver.

So many photos... so much to SHARE!

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An Announcement To Conference Attendees: Thank you for attending - we hope that you downloaded the Conference Event APP for more interaction! Within the app are the Keynote and Breakout Session slides & presentation notes. To access:

  • Click on the "MENU" option on the main screen

  • Then click "Presentation Slides"

  • Select the Speaker/Presenter of interest & then select "Speaker Slides"

  • At the bottom of the new screen will appear another "MENU" icon option.

  • Select the icon to either access the PDF Files directly on your mobile device's web browser OR select the option to download & email to your address.

A special thank you to all of the Hotel Staff, PPS extended staff, team members, special guests and friends that made this such an exceptional Conference!

We want to hear from YOU! Comments, suggestions, feedback or concerns? Please drop us a line:

Registration for our upcoming Spring Pricing Workshops and Conference in Chicago, IL in 2018 is OPEN!

Register your team TODAY!

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