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  • Meagan Ford

Digitization Lessons With Syncron

Our friends at Syncron, renowned for delivering pricing valuable pricing strategies, know the importance of companies mastering digitization. Syncron joined us in Chicago for the 29th Annual Spring Pricing Workshops & Conference with featured roles as proud Sponsors and pricing expert Cliff Isaacson, as a Breakout Track Speaker. Several attendees took the opportunity to learn about ways digitalization can improve their strategies and Syncron was in the audience taking amazing notes!

Brad Soper of Simon-Kucher & Partners, an expert well-versed in strategies for successful monetization, shared the latest tips on ways to make digital initiatives work, how to design and improve digital plans, and creating top- and bottom-line growth strategies that deliver measurable results. Soper's #PPSCHI18 session was well versed in strategies for successful monetization, including what makes certain digital initiatives work, and designing better digital plans. According to Syncron, Brad Soper shared that in digitization, there are three types of companies:

  1. Companies that make things happen – The Digital Heroes.

  2. Companies that watch things happen – The Digital Followers.

  3. Companies that wonder what happened – The Digital Naives.

Syncron's Notes on Digitization

Thank you so much for crafting this great write-up! For more #PPSCHI18 recaps and pricing shares, follow the hashtag across Social Media or view our Official Conference Recap Blog.

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