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#PPSSF Full-Day Presenters @ Oct. 20th Workshops

Our Workshops provide the best forums to gain exclusive pricing knowledge that will increase business performance. Choose from several offerings including the following: There are (4) 1-Day Workshop offerings during #PPSSF. View the October 20th lineup below and learn more about the featured Speakers.

Identifying Pricing and Profitability Leakages in Your Organization:

Step-by-Step Approach How To Improve Everyday Pricing Performance

With Anton Malygin and Chethan Sharma, Directors, Pricing and Profitability Consulting Practice at PwC

Understand the benefits of addressing everyday pricing and profitability leakages. Identify the key areas for pricing and margin improvement, learn analysis needed to identify improvement opportunities and learn how organizations implement effective every day price management.

Attendee Takeaway:

  • The value of every day price management

  • Key benefits and opportunities areas for price management improvement

  • How analytics can be leveraged to provide transparency and generate one consistent “single source of truth” view using information about customers and products at the transaction level

  • Requirements to effectively execute price management improvements in an organization and how to make it sustainable

With Tim Smith, Ph.D, CPP, Founder and Managing Partner Wiglaf Pricing & Adjunct Marketing Professor at DePaul University

List prices, discounting, new product development, account management, and international variations are just a short list of key pricing challenges facing modern corporations. How should corporations manage? Learn how leading firms are integrating different pricing and price management techniques throughout the corporation to maximize both growth and profitability.

Attendee Takeaway:

  • The nature of a good price

  • The impact of price concessions on profitability

  • How to connect product development to pricing decisions

  • How to connect customer account development to pricing decisions

  • How to connect international contingencies to pricing decisions

  • A proven framework for integrating pricing into strategic corporate development

With Diana Zuzek, President and CEO and Craig Alcock, Senior Partner of Beanstalk Revenue Management

Well-designed governance and infrastructure components enable organizations to generate ongoing and consistent results. Instead of unreliable or “spikey” outcomes, performance becomes predictable and routine. This workshop will examine infrastructure and governance from a strategic perspective, discussing how business objectives and market realities shape the application of infrastructure and governance paradigms. Also, presenters will discuss basic price performance metrics and review the interdependence of good performance measures and quality governance and infrastructure outcomes. Attendee Takeaway:

  • The components of infrastructure and governance

  • How these components can amplify price performance

  • Get Started Toolkit - How to assess your organization’s current governance and infrastructure capabilities

  • How to pragmatically deploy or enhance existing models

  • How to measure and monitor price performance

With Chris Mitchell, VP of Global Initiatives, and Alison Yama, Senior Dir. of Holden Advisors

Pricing technology makes implementing the mechanical aspects of price increases an easy task. The real challenge most organizations face is not "getting to a number," but rather developing an effective communications plan and a sound value rationale that the sales force can embrace with confidence and that aligns the organization around targeted price increase. Any inconsistencies in logic, messaging, or the responses of executives, sales, and customer service staff will immediately be exploited by hard-negotiating customers fighting to roll back the pricing increase. Attendee Takeaway:

  • How to develop credible tools and training for all customer-facing staff to lead and defend price increase

  • How to create an effective communications plan with rationale for leading a price increase

  • How to use formal and informal communication channels to build momentum

  • How to prepare for difficult conversations with customers that challenge the price increase

Learn more about our Workshop offerings during the 26th Annual Fall Pricing Workshops and Conference in San Francisco and register your team TODAY!

*Currently our Main site, is experiencing technical difficulties. However, you can STILL register for our upcoming Fall Pricing Workshops and Conference in San Francisco #PPSSF! The deadline to book a discounted rate at The Palace Hotel San Francisco is THIS FRIDAY!

Reach us directly:

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We look forward to speaking with you and apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

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