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Attendee Tips

Welcome to our first-time attendees and welcome back to our conference alumni! Thank you for joining #PPSATL23, we are happy to have you! Get ready to enjoy the next few days of training, education and networking with your fellow pricers. Be prepared to learn and be inspired by the some of the brightest minds in pricing.

Helpful Conference Tips

Download the PPS Mobile App

Enhance your conference journey with our feature-packed mobile app. Download it now to access schedules, speaker bios, interactive maps, and real-time updates at your fingertips.

Engage with Attendees

At our conference, we don't just bring people together; we create meaningful connections. Discover innovative ways to engage with fellow attendees, ignite conversations, and foster lasting relationships. 

Don't forget business cards

Maximize your conference networking opportunities by having your business cards ready. Exchange contact information effortlessly, leave a lasting impression, and open doors to new connections.


Networking Opportunities

Need a minute to relax and recharge? Stop by the PPS Networking Lounge where you can sit, respond to your calls or emails, and charge your phones. Add a few books to your office or home library. The PPS Bookstore will be open during
the conference with books for purchasing from some of the best pricing experts. Don't forget to join us for the other experiences listed below as well.

Meditation Class

Health & Wellness

Zumba Session

Tues Oct 10 | 4:45pm

Shake off stress, boost your mood, and recharge your body and mind. No dance experience required – our expert instructor will guide you through exhilarating moves suitable for all levels. 

Yoga Session

Thurs Oct 12 | 6am

Recharge your body and mind, improve your focus, and connect with your inner self in a serene and supportive environment. Embrace wellness at the conference and join us for a revitalizing yoga experience.

Morning Workout

Weds Oct 11 | 7am

Break a sweat, increase your focus, and connect with fellow participants while enjoying a rejuvenating workout. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your conference experience both mentally and physically!"

Morning Meditation

Fri Oct 13 | 7am

In the midst of a bustling conference, find your inner calm at our meditation class. Led by experienced meditation guides, this session offers a peaceful oasis where you can recharge, reduce stress, and enhance your focus.

Business Networking

Social Interaction

Welcome Coffee

Tues/Wed Oct 11-12 | 8am

Connect with fellow newcomers over breakfast, and discover the vibrant community waiting to support and inspire you throughout the event.

Workshop Reception
Weds Oct 11 | 4pm

After a day of learning and collaboration, wind down and mingle with fellow attendees, speakers, and workshop hosts in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Conference Reception
Thurs Oct 12 | 4:30pm

Enjoy delightful refreshments and engage in conversations with the companies and individuals supporting our shared mission.

Dine Arounds
Tues/Wed Oct 11-12 | 6:30pm

Explore the local culinary scene with fellow attendees at handpicked restaurants, creating connections over delectable dishes and shared experiences.

Industry Connections
Thurs Oct 12 | 12pm

Fuel both your appetite and your business prospects as you dine with industry peers, exchange insights, and cultivate valuable connections.

CPP Breakfast
Fri Oct 12 | 6:45am

Start your day with a hearty breakfast and discover how certification can propel your professional journey.


Navigating The Conference

Travel Guide

We want you to have a great time at conference and we also want to let you know what is available to you during your time in Atlanta. Please see the Atlanta Travel Guide for detailed information.

Network & Win Prizes

Many of our sponsors utilize optional contact information collection by scanning a QR Code on your badge. Winners will be announced in the sponsor hall during the Friday morning break.

What to pack

Dress code is business casual. Feel free to layer your clothing to accommodate fluctuating room temperatures. Don't forget your business cards! If you’re interested in taking part of our new Wellness Program please bring comfortable workout attire and tennis shoes.

Code of Conduct

PPS is committed to the safety of our
attendees. Please review our Code of
for guidelines and protocols.

Stay Connected

While at the Conference, follow #PPSATL23 on LinkedIn for live conference updates, to share your experience, and to connect with attendees along with other social media platforms.

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On Site Contacts

On-Site Logistics
Tina DeRenzis, Senior Meeting Planner

Cherica Spann, Membership Manager

Sharon Seay, Registration Director

+1 (770) 509-9933

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