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Show Your CPP Certification With A LinkedIn Badge

Announcing LinkedIn Badge displays- the way to distinguish pricing expertise on your personal page!

After completing all the courses and successfully passing all tests, qualified CPP (ers) can download and post the official badge on their LinkedIn Page!

Here's how:

  1. First, ensure that all Badge applicants ARE Certified Pricing Professionals verified through PPS. *Either join the exclusive CPP LinkedIn Group or send a direct email to PPS Membership

  2. Then, click on the exclusive embed link, given to CPP (ers) that have successfully completed all course work.

  3. Copy and paste the link to your personal LinkedIn page.

  4. Finally, share with your networks so that everyone can view your new Badge! *Click the image below to be directed to LinkedIn

There are many benefits to obtaining a CPP Designation. Online training offers offsite, flexible courses that feature the highest quality education and instructors. CPP Certification is priced to fit most budgets and to allow professionals to distinguish their training and knowledge from industry peers. Learn more about the CPP Designation:

Have a question about any of our programs?

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Cherica Spann (Membership)

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